Call for Papers – Estamos a fazer o suficiente face ao envelhecimento da população?

Chamo a atenção d@s interessad@s para o seguinte Call for Papers, onde serei um dos editores convidados, a par de Maria João Bárrios (ISCSP) e Feliciano Villar Posada (Universitat de Barcelona), a quem desde já agradeço.




The journal Public Sciences & Policies opens a new call for articles for a special edition on Population Ageing and Public Policies.

An ageing population is a civilizational advance, but at the same time it represents one of the biggest challenges for public policies in contemporary societies. Besides the possible issues over the financial sustainability of social protection systems, and in particular with regards to pensions, a greater human longevity and a lower birth rate have multisectorial implications which force public and private actors to adapt in an agile and timely fashion. In a near future, work relations and conditions will have to become more flexible so as to accommodate greater demands and emerging necessities. But they will also have to be able to create the conditions for those who are still professionally active to be the as productive as possible. Healthcare services will similarly need to be greatly adapted, living ecosystems will have to be reconfigured and mobility strongly promoted. In the civic domain, the conditions for the full exercise of citizenship will have to be guaranteed, in all phases of life.

Faced with a progressive, but guaranteed maturation of modern societies while facing an increasingly heterogenous elderly population, with increasingly differentiated paths and expectations, are communities responding adequately? Are current public policies appropriate and sufficient to face the multiplicity of challenges?

This special number wants to draw not only the attention of academics but also – and mainly – of professionals in the field, so as to hear them and sketch answers to the issues raised. Other than original, empirical research papers, we will also accept essays, and political and technical reports that might be of interest for organizations focused on the programs, practices and public policies that are able to respond to population ageing. The territorial scope won’t be limited to Portugal, and international comparative research is incentivized, so as to identify and analyze good practices or mistakes to avoid.

Guest editors:

Maria João Bárrios (ISCSP/Universidade de Lisboa)
Feliciano Villar Posada (Universitat de Barcelona)
Pedro Gomes Rodrigues (CAPP/ISCSP/Universidade de Lisboa)


30 June 2019: deadline for the submission of an abstract of up to 250 words, in Portuguese, Spanish or English.

31 July 2019: deadline for decisions over submitted abstracts.

30 November 2019: deadline for the submission of the complete paper (written in Portuguese, Spanish or English). Please add the subject Special Issue on Population Ageing in the subject line. Submitted articles will go through a double-blind peer-review process. If the article is accepted, an English version will need to be submitted by the authors. The Centre for Public Administration and Public Policies will provide text review services.

Author guidelines:

Articles must be written in Portuguese, Spanish or English. If the article is accepted, an English version will have to be submitted. Text clarity and quality will be essential.
Articles must include an abstract up to 250 words, in Portuguese and a second one in English. Four keywords will be included with each abstract.
Articles must be at least 5.000 words and 10.000 words.
Articles must be submitted using APA style norms.
Articles must be sent in attachment in .doc, .docx or .rtf formats to the following e-mail The author’s identification must not be included in the same document. Biographical notes up to 200 words will have to be included in a second document.

For any other information, please contact us at


Sobre Pedro G. Rodrigues

Investigador integrado no Centro de Administração e Políticas Públicas (CAPP) e Professor Auxiliar do Instituto Superior de Ciências Sociais e Políticas, Universidade de Lisboa. Doutorado em economia pela Universidade Nova de Lisboa. Email:
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